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Alaska bear viewing and photography trips are one of our most popular and requested adventures year after year. Alaska Bears are incredibly common in the areas we frequent. From our local salmon fishing streams to the shores of many lakes, Alaska West Air™ delivers you to some outstanding observation viewpoints of these mighty bruins. Photographers and spectators alike return year after year to gaze at these giants of the wilderness.

Alaska West Air™ offers a wide variety of trips for Alaska bear viewing opportunities. In addition to the bear viewing trips listed here, we can arrange for many other areas within Alaska. Perhaps a trip to the famed Kodiak Island would be appropriate for you and your Bear seeking companions. Katmai National Park is one of the greatest places in the world to view bears in their natural habitats. If a bear viewing trip where we fly you into remote areas of the Alaska wilderness get you excited, contact our offfice for a trip designed just for you.

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Extraordinary excursions into bear country are available upon request. From these special outings with Alaska West Air™, you will soon find yourself experiencing the natural habitat where both brown and black bears roam free.


World Famous Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park
$625.00pp and an additional $14.00 pp park fee, 4-person minimum
This trip is a must for clients who wish to see pristine scenery and first class bear viewing all in one day.  From viewing platform at Brooks Camp you may see as many as 20 different bears in their natural habitat catching salmon as they leap up the falls to spawning grounds.  Weather permitting; pilots will take a different route on the return trip allowing clients another wonderful view of the wild Alaska landscape.  Reservations for day trips at Brooks Camp must be made in advance. Flight time:  1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes. Allow for a full day for this once in a lifetime trip!

Bear View at Wolverine Creek  ( June 15 - September)
$350.00pp - 3 person minimum
This trip is great for clients with a smaller budget or limited time.  Just a short flight across the Cook Inlet and you will be viewing bears from one of our 16- foot boats.  Your guide will maneuver your boat into areas where you can commonly view bears safely at very close distances. Trip limited to 3 hours.  Flight time:  30 minutes each way

Chinitna Bay Bear Viewing
$420.00 pp - 3 person minimum
Bear view / flight see option.  This trip includes a 1 ½ hour flight see, and a one hour stop at Chinitna Bay for bear viewing.  Take a short walk from the beach where the plane lands to the bear viewing area.  This is a great trip if you have limited time.

Day and Overnight Trips - Chinitna Bay Bear View Options
$650.00 pp – 3 person minimum (Day Trip)
$800.00pp - 3 person minimum (Overnight Trip)

This trip is good from late May/early June through August.  The lodge property borders Lake Clark National Park, and there is a bear viewing area in the park. It is not unusual to see twenty or more bear in the area on any given day.  Bear are often seen on the beach in front of the lodge, and if you are lucky enough to be here during a low tide, you may see bear digging for clams! The trip is guided by a local facility in Chinitna Bay, and lunch is included.  Flight time: 45 minutes each way.

Redoubt Bay Lodge Bear Viewing
$475.00 – 2 person minimum (1/2 Day Trip Lunch Included)
Full Day or Overnight Call 907-776-7516

For some of Alaska’s best bear viewing—surrounded by rustic wilderness as well as luxurious accommodations—tiny Redoubt Bay Lodge makes for one of Alaska’s greatest experiences. It was even named by Travel+Leisure magazine as one of 50 Great American Adventures. The lodge, overlooking Big River Lakes, is the only place to stay within this 171,000-acre critical bird habitat area—but it also has one of the densest bear populations in the state. You can watch them come to the waters to fish for salmon—and enjoy some amazing local cuisine yourself.

The lodge is a rustic yet upscale approach to wilderness accommodations, including an attentive staff that makes for a highly personalized visit. The three lakeside guest cabins feature beds, woodstoves, daily housekeeping and dramatic views.

Most people come for the singularly amazing bear viewing at Wolverine Creek. This is a great spot; you’ll probably get closer to the bears here than any other Alaskan bear viewing location. The bears are so close they actually splash your boat as they lunge for salmon. You’ll take a covered pontoon boat out, where the water surges and swirls with the thick mass of fish.

You can also fish for salmon yourself, as well as kayak or canoe around the lakes—or just kick back and drink in the scenery. There are also optional excursions into Lake Clark National Park, flightseeing, and other adventures, then return to the lodge. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to experience life here.


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