All of our fishing trips are fully guided, unless otherwise stated.  The guides provide spinning gear, tackle and bait appropriate to the fishery is provided, and will clean the catch.

Fly-fishing equipment is NOT provided, although guides will provide appropriate flies if given notice that you will be using your own fly-fishing gear.

We strongly recommend that if you have your own hip boots or chest waders, you should use them.   We have a limited supply of hip boots available to loan.  You  need to bring rain gear and lunch.  Due to fluctuating fuel costs, we reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge at any time.


Fishing licenses can be purchased online at

Coho (Silver) Salmon

Mid July – late September at various locations

Full Day Fishing Trips

These trips are designed for the anglers who want to go to more remote areas. Because of the distance you may travel to these areas, you get the added benefit of some awesome flight seeing.  4 hours of flight time allowed, and the plane stays with you through the day.

  We can plan a custom day trip for you- just let us know your interests, the species you are looking for, or your available dates, and we can let you know what locations are available!

                   Number of Passengers                         Plane                                  Price Per Day Charter

                   1 to 4 passengers                                    Beaver                               $3,250.00

                   1 to 9 passengers                                    Turbine Otter                   $6,000.00


$95.00 per person guide fee applicable if using our guide for a one stop trip, or $140.00 guide fee per person for a two stop trip. Reminder: If you book any of our day trips, you are responsible for full payment prior to departure. The only exception is if the weather does not allow any* flying on your reserved day, or we cannot fly due to mechanical problems.  * If the weather does not allow the flight to the planned destination, you will be routed to the next available area.


*Any destination in a National Park will be assessed the fee for that Park.  Current fees range from $6.00 to $14.00 per person, per day.